Step Four: Supplemental Documentation and Reference Form

DEADLINE: February 1, 2023 (by 11:59 PM)

Four A:  Supplemental Application

Applicants will receive a link to the Supplemental Application approximately ten business days after receiving their U of T applicant number from Central Enrolment Services.

Four B: Applicant Reference Form

*NEW - Applicants are required to secure three referees to complete the Applicant Reference Form. Applicants will need to provide their referees with their UofT Applicant Number

Please note: Applicants will receive the Referee Contact Form for their three referees once the supplemental application has been submitted. The link will appear in the message on the screen immediately following your submission. Once the PA Program Office has received this form, we will send the Applicant Reference Form to your referees. We advise that you do this step immediately upon submitting your supplemental application as the link will disappear in the message once you click out of it. As a reminder, your referees have until February 1st (11:59 pm) to complete the Applicant Reference Form.