Admissions and Selection Committee

The Admissions & Selection (A&S) Committee is responsible for initiating and implementing policies and procedures with respect to the recruitment, selection and admission of applicants to the Physician Assistant Professional Degree (BScPA) Program. The A&S Committee assesses the qualifications of applicants seeking admission to the BScPA Program. 

Competency Committee

The Competency Committee is responsible for reviewing assessment and student progress data in the clinical year (Year 2) of the program and making recommendations at regular intervals to the Program Director.

Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee consists of all Course Directors, Consortium, and student representatives. This committee determines the academic foci per semester, as well as the integration across courses and throughout the Program. The committee can make academic changes within reason. Any proposed significant major or minor modifications to the program (as defined by the Faculty Council Education Committee) must be brought forward for approval by the Faculty Council Education Committee.

Evaluation and Assessment Committee

The Evaluation & Assessment (E&A) Committee has responsibility over student assessment and program evaluation. The E&A Committee guides the Program Director and Course Directors in determining appropriate assessment tools, timing, and weighting of assessments, taking into account overall program goals and best practices in teaching and evaluation. 

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee consists of academic representatives from each Consortium partner. The committee is responsible for the oversight of quality, outcome and strategic direction of the PA program, approval of annual budget, as well as other responsibilities handled at a governance level.

Management Committee

The Management Committee, chaired by the PA Director, reports to the Governance Committee and is responsible for advising on academic resources, planning and reviewing the Program budget, recruitment and retention strategies, student enrolment numbers, and new educational and programmatic developments as recommended by the PA Program. The Management Committee will review recommendations and reports from the Curriculum Committee, Admissions and Selection Committee, Evaluation and Assessment Committee and other relevant committees.