Alumni Opportunities

Alumni like you can stay connected with the Consortium of PA Education PA Program by getting involved in many ways and engaging in a range of activities. Volunteering can be a deeply rewarding experience, benefitting everyone involved – you as the volunteers, the PA learners, and the educational community in which you serve.

Volunteer for any of the opportunities below using our Alumni Form. For more information, contact

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Mentor Students

Becoming a PA Mentor as part of the PA Mentors Program allows you to form an ongoing mentoring relationship within a small group of PA learners, starting in their first weeks in the PA Program until graduation. Mentors are practicing PAs who act as coaches and advisors within their small groups, guiding students through their PA school journey. Mentors and students meet about four times in each academic year for guided semi-structured conversations on themes related to learners’ development as future PAs.  Mentors can support students within the group meetings or one-on-one, as they navigate the challenges of PA school in a safe, informal environment outside of the formal curriculum.

Words of Wisdom

Alumni write notes of congratulations and encouragement to incoming PA students. These “Words of Wisdom” can include advice or simply a warm welcome to the PA community. For some inspiration, visit the “Words of Wisdom” videofor our Class of 2021!

Alumni Network

It’s time! The PA Program has been around for just over a decade now and it’s time for the development of an alumni-led network, with initial program support. You know what you need and want more than anyone else.  Volunteer to be a founding member of the PA Consortium Alumni Network.  You will decide the priorities and initial projects. Would you like to start an alumni newsletter? Plan alumni events? Create a book or journal club?  We’re here to brainstorm with you!

vMMI File Reviewer and Rater

We are always looking for practicing PA alumni to help us with admissions as a supplemental application file reviewer and/or a vMMI rater. Participating in the selection of future healthcare professionals is an important contribution that is recognized and appreciated within our Faculty and the Physician Assistant profession.

Interprofessional Education (IPE)

The University of Toronto delivers an innovative and internationally acclaimed Interprofessional Education (IPE) curriculum to 12 health professions programs across the university, representing over 4000 students at any given time.  You can become a facilitator leading interprofessional student group learning activities in a wide variety of topics.  You can also earn CAPA CPD hours as a facilitator.  For more information about becoming an IPE facilitator, visit the IPE Facilitator webpage or contact the BScPA Program IPE faculty lead, Sharona Kanofsky.


Teaching Clinical Skills

If you’re interested in teaching clinical skills at one of our campus blocks, please add your name to our list of PA facilitators. Please be aware that these are paid teaching opportunities and will require some preparation and commitment.

Assessment Opportunities

If you’re interested in the assessment of student clinical competence, consider adding your name to our list of PA raters for the annual OSCE.

Preceptoring - Year 2 Clinical Placements

If you're interested in becoming a clinical preceptor for 2nd year rotations, please contact Britton Sprules, Clinical Course Director at

LCE Preceptor - Year 1

We are always looking for alumni who are interested in becoming an LCE Preceptor for our current cohort. If this is of interest, please complete the very short survey at this link.