Preceptor Award

PA Preceptor Excellence Award


To recognize an MD or PA preceptor for the BScPA program who has shown excellence in the clinical environment


  • Any MD or PA preceptor involved in the BScPA Program who works with a BScPA learner in the clinical environment


  • Nominated by students at the end of their Preceptor Assessment and Rotation Evaluation forms
  • Nomination is to include:
    • Full name, title, and professional designation of the nominee
    • Name of the nominator
    • Up to 1000 character statement describing:
      • A summary of the known contributions supporting the nomination
      • Examples of the preceptor demonstrating clinical excellence

Selection Criteria

  • Judged by the Awards committee
  • Criteria to include:

Award Logistics

Winner will be notified by email. Official letter and award provided at Fall Convocation event