Admission Policies

First year students practice gowning and gloving(Photo: First year students practice gowning and gloving)

Admission to the BScPA Program is highly competitive. In selecting successful applicants, all available information will be considered. Those who meet the basic admission requirements and appear to have the best chance of succeeding in the PA program and profession ultimately are selected. Selected Applicants are invited for an interview (Virtual Multiple Mini Interview). The next cohort of the BScPA Program is chosen from the pool of successful interviewees. Each application is considered on its own merit, consistent with the University of Toronto statement on "Policies and Principles for Admission to the University of Toronto". Preference is not given to individuals enrolled in programs at the University of Toronto.

There is no single background that is an ideal preparation for the Physician Assistant role, although the BScPA program requires experience in healthcare (volunteer, student or paid).

The discovery that any information is false or misleading or that any material information has been concealed or withheld will invalidate an application and will result in its immediate rejection or in the revocation and cancellation of an offer of admission and /or registration if the applicant has been admitted. It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all required documents are received by the stated deadlines. Failure to comply with the admission requirements and deadlines will result in the cancellation of the application.