Our Team

Medical Director: Dr. Leslie Nickell leslie.nickell@utoronto.ca

Program Director: Dr. Peter Tzakas PAProgram.Director@utoronto.ca

Academic Coordinator: Aurthi Muthukumaran aurthi.muthukumaran@mail.utoronto.ca

Scholar/Research Lead: Sharona Kanofsky PA-C, CCPA, MScCH sharona.kanofsky@utoronto.ca

Program Coordinator: Melissa Rodway paprogram.coordinator@utoronto.ca

Program Office: physician.assistant@utoronto.ca

BScPA Admissions:  admissions.pa@utoronto.ca

For all admissions related questions, please contact the Admissions Department.



Clinical Placement Officer: Teena McLaren clinical.pa@nosm.ca
Responsible for administrative issues regarding clinical placements, funding, and logistics

Clinical Course Director: Britton Sprules CCPA bsprules@nosm.ca
Responsible for oversight of student progress in clinical rotations, clinical assessments, evaluating clinical curriculum, and approval of final clinical rotation schedules



PAP110/120/130: Longitudinal Clinical Experience: Zlata Janicijevic, PA-C, CCPA
PAP112  Anatomy: Dr. Paulo Koeberle
PAP113  Physiology: Dr. Nohjin Kee
PAP114/134  Clinical Skills I and III: Jeff Straw, PA-C, CCPA
PAP119/129/139  Professional Competencies: Sharona Kanofsky, PA-C, CCPA, MScCH
PAP122  Pathology: Dr. Iram Siddiqui
PAP124  Clinical Skills II: Kevin Penney, CCPA
PAP125/135  Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures I and II: Chris LeBouthillier, CCPA
PAP127  Pharm: Dr.Trish Marr, PharmD
PAP136/246  Medical Foundations I and II: Dr. Peter Tzakas
PAP138  Behavioural Medicine: Dr. Anne  Wormsbecker
PAP258  Health Promotion and Education: Dr. Julia Alleyne
PAP250-260  Clinical I and II: Britton Sprules, CCPA
PAP251  PA Scholar (EBM & QI): Drew Gould, CCPA
PAP269 Medical Ethics: Heather Sampson, CCRP

We are pleased to announce that two of our Course Directors were CAPA Award Winners in 2020!

Dr. Peter Tzakas, PA Educator of the Year Award Winner


Drew Gould, Tom Ashman Physician Assistant of the Year Award Winner