Our Team

Medical Director: Dr. Leslie Nickell (

Program Director: Dr. Peter Tzakas (

Academic Lead: Dr. Sharon Naymark (

Scholar/Research Lead: Sharona Kanofsky PA-C, CCPA (

Program Coordinator: Melissa Rodway (

Program Office: 416 946 7173 (

BScPA Admissions: 416 978 1676




Clinical Placement Officer: Teena McLaren (
Responsible for administrative issues regarding clinical placements, funding, and logistics

Clinical Course Director: Britton Sprules CCPA (
Responsible for oversight of student progress in clinical rotations, clinical assessments, evaluating clinical curriculum, and approval of final clinical rotation schedules



PAP111  Introduction to the Physician Assistant Role: Sharona Kanofsky, PA-C, CCPA
PAP112  Anatomy: Dr. Paulo Koeberle
PAP113  Physiology: Dr. Nohjin Kee
PAP114  Clinical Skills I: Jeff Straw, PA-C, CCPA
PAP122  Pathology: Dr. Peter Tzakas
PAP124  Clinical Skills II: Kevin Penney, CCPA
PAP125  Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures I: Chris LeBouthillier, CCPA
PAP127  Pharm: Dr.Trish Marr, PharmD
PAP110, 120, 130  Longitudinal Clinical Experience: Zlata Janicijevic, PA-C, CCPA
PAP131  Medical Foundations I: Dr. Peter Tzakas
PAP134  Clinical Skills III: Jeff Straw, PA-C, CCPA
PAP135  Diagnostic Techniques and Procedures II: Chris LeBouthillier, CCPA
PAP138  Behavioural Medicine: Dr. Rima Styra
PAP241  Medical Foundations II: Dr. Peter Tzakas
PAP258  Health Promotion and Education: Dr. Julia Alleyne
PAP250-260  Clinical I and II: Britton Sprules, CCPA
PAP265  Evidence Based Medicine: Drew Gould, CCPA
PAP 269 Medical Ethics: Heather Sampson, CCRP