Letter of Verification

Each applicant to the BScPA Physician Assistant Professional Degree Program is required to arrange for the submission of one (1) Letter of Verification from the most recent position held as a healthcare provider. Only one (1) letter will be considered.

Requirements for Letter of Verification:

The Letter of Verification must be on official letterhead provided by the HR Department or any similar department.

The Letter of Verification should include the following:

  1. Verification of employment/volunteerism
  2. Job title and description
  3. Dates/duration of employment/volunteerism

The Letter of Verification must be sent directly from the verifier to the BScPA Program via email* 


Only letters directly from the employer will be accepted.

Deadline for receipt of Letter of Verification February 1st

*Instructions for Letter of Verification for Applicants who are self-employed or who are unable to submit a Letter of Verification (LOV):

You will have the opportunity to declare on your Supplemental Application that you are self-employed or are unable to submit a Letter of Verification.  Please note that declaring this issue on your supplemental application will not automatically grant you a waiver. If you will not be submitting an LOV, you must declare it on your Supplemental Application and email the BScPA Program at by February 1, 2019 to inform the Program why there will be no LOV for you. Include your name and UofT Applicant Number in the email.